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Not only do we offer an excellent solution for all of your storage needs, but we can also help solve your removal ones too!

We collect, store, and deliver for you!

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Yes, removals and storage naturally comes hand in hand as a service, so wouldn’t it be great if a company could offer both? It’ll help prevent you from spending loads of time having to research storage companies, calling around for lots of different quotes, then having to do the same for the
removal service!

You can rest assured that our removal service is of a high quality equal to that of our storage service. We carry out the same attention to detail and customer-focused attitude that we do with our storage service, and we have another great team on board to help make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. So why waste time looking for two different companies when we can sort out both your removals and storage needs in one go?

Moving made easy

Think about if you were moving house. A lot of the time you will need to send some stuff into storage, whilst the rest is taken by the removal team to your new house. If you have one company doing both jobs, you can almost guarantee it’ll be smoother then two different companies being involved! For one thing, there will be no crossed wires as this one team will know what is for storage and what is for bringing to the new home.

Even if the storage and removal take place on a different day, which is usually the case, it can often make it much easier to have a team that you are familiar with getting both jobs done.


You Pack


We Collect


We Store


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Competitive Pricing.

Because we offer a removal and storage solution you can hire us to do both and only have to deal with one company! This alone can take away some of the stress associated with these two big tasks.

When a company is made up of teams that are working closely with each other on both the storage and removal front, you can bet the service will flow seamlessly, which means your tasks will be completed with minimum fuss but high satisfaction!

We collect, store, and deliver for you!

Essex Storage is a trusted and well-established storage service that has over 25 years of experience.

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